KC Auto Dealers Negotiations Update

Your KC Auto Dealers Negotiating Committee has been hard at work and continues working hard on your behalf.

There’s been some¬†progress on non-economic issues over the last few weeks; however, there’s still quite a bit of work ahead.

As we approach the expiration date of our contract, a federal mediator has joined us at contract negotiations to help find resolutions on the IAM Pension and other issues. Mediators do not make decisions about what a final agreement will look like, but they can help move the process forward toward a new contract.

While our goal remains to reach a fair deal by the time the contract expires, as always, we will not be rushed into a bad deal. We will be working until the deadline to get the best agreement possible.

Please continue to show your support and solidarity in the shop.  Your strength is our strength at the bargaining table.

A tentative contract vote and strike vote is scheduled for Wednesday, January 31st at 7:00 pm at the Teamster Hall, 4501 Emanuel Cleaver Blvd. (Van Brunt), Kansas City, MO 64130.

For updates on the negotiations, visit the www.Lodge778.org website or follow the IAM Local 778 Facebook page.

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