Welcome to Your Union!

Picnic coming soon for ATK Lake City


"Saturday" July 9th, 2016


All union members and their families are invited


The picnic will be held at the Blue Springs Lake, Shelter F at 1:00pm until 6:00pm BYOB 


Shelter F


Area Map






July General Meeting


The General Meeting in July will be held on the second Saturday of the month - which is July 9.


The meeting will be held at the Lodge 778 Union hall. The Steward's meeting will be held at 9am, and the general meeting will follow at 9:30am.


The Executive Board Meeting will be held the Thursday before the general meeting.


 The Business Representatives Election Results from June 11, 2016:


Leo Berroteran 61


Ken Cox 30


Joe Capra and Leo Berroteran will start their new term of office on July 1, 2016.



Delegates Elections - Results


The ballots are counted and the results are in!






If Fast Track passes, it would virtually guarantee the passage of trade deals that will ship jobs overseas and sell out US workers for corporate profit. read


Senate votes to block union election rule 03/04/15

Congressional Republicans opened a new front Wednesday in their fight against Obama administration regulations, with the Senate voting to strike down a contentious rule meant to speed up union elections... read


Judge: Chris Christie Broke His Own Law By Cutting Pension Contributions 02/24/15

New Jersey judge on Monday ruled that Governor Chris Christie broke his own law when he decided to cut $1.6 billion of contributions from its public pension system... read


IL Governor Rauner Gets $750,000 Tax Break, Proposes Slashing Services to Middle Class and Poor 02/24/15

Illinois' new GOP Governor, Bruce Rauner, will personally receive a $750,000 per year tax cut as a result of his decision not to continue the state's temporary 1.25% income tax surcharge that expired last year... read


How Right-To-Work Laws Hurt Unions 02/23/15

If the measure passes and is signed by Gov. Scott Walker (R), Wisconsin would become the 25th state in the country with a right-to-work law on its books... read


Why We're All Becoming Independent Contractors 02/23/15

The rise of "independent contractors" is the most significant legal trend in the American workforce -- contributing directly to low pay, irregular hours, and job insecurity... read


Obama creates monument in Chicago 02/20/15

President Obama created a trio of national monuments Thursday that he said will preserve places important to the fights for civil and labor rights, as well as natural landscapes... read


Staffers Quit Tea Party News Network, Say Site Sees Readers As 'Unsophisticated Simpletons' 02/20/15

A number of staffers have resigned from the Tea Party News Network, slamming the company's “despicable practices” as "immoral and unethical,"... read


New Report Details Kochs' Plan to Target Latino Voters 02/20/15

With much of its funding coming from the Kochs, Libre has the resources it needs to try to run an aggressive campaign aimed at making inroads in the Latino community... read


The Oily Heart of Austerity and Tea Party Economics 02/19/15

It turns out that in many states tax cuts for the wealthy were paid for with oil tax revenue... read


Walmart Gives 500,000 Workers A Raise 02/19/15

In a move that could alter the minimum wage debate and improve the image of the world's largest retailer, Walmart announced it will raise the baseline wage of its current store employees to $10 per hour... read


FOX CT Newsroom Votes To Join A Union 02/19/15

mployees in FOX CT's newsroom voted 35 to 17 on Wednesday to join a union... read


Can Labor Survive Nevada's Republican Party? 02/19/15

Republican legislators talked about wanting to end collective bargaining in the state, about wanting to force unions to re-sign members every year, about eliminating binding arbitration... read


Juan Williams: Dems will splinter on trade deals 02/16/15

Votes on potentially large U.S. trade deals hold the potential for a storm that will scatter the band of brothers and sisters known as Senate Democrats... read


As Scott Walker mulls White House bid, a spotlight on his jobs agency 02/16/15

The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, a public-private body set up by Walker shortly after he took office in January 2011, was supposed to help the state climb out of recession... read


Coming soon: A change in who gets overtime pay 02/16/15

The Obama administration is expected to move forward soon on its plan to provide overtime pay protections to low-salaried managers who don't qualify for them... read


Social Security debate reignites 02/16/15

Social Security is surging to the forefront of the political debate ahead of the race for the White House in 2016... read


Right-to-work laws are every Republican union-hater's weapon of choice 02/11/15

Anti-union laws don’t help the economy, don’t create jobs and don’t end ‘compulsory union membership’... read


Should you join a union? The research says yes. 02/11/15

A recent study showed that wages declined in newly unionized firms -- but most research still says that you're better off in one than not... read


Republicans put the screws to labor board 02/11/15

The new Republican majority in the Senate is turning up the pressure on the National Labor Relations Board, with a series of hearings and legislative attacks against policies that make it easier for workers to unionize... read


Will the Recovery Finally Translate into Better Wages? 02/10/15

The creation of 257,000 new jobs in January is surely good news, as is the long-awaited increase in wages... read


Back to the 19th Century 02/10/15

My recent column about the growth of on-demand jobs like Uber making life less predictable and secure for workers unleashed a small barrage of criticism from some who contend that workers get what they're worth in the market... read


Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner Blocks Unions From Collecting 'Fair Share' Fees 02/10/15

Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner (R) continued his campaign against labor unions on Monday, using executive authority to block public employee unions from collecting mandatory fees from workers... read


A Bad Deal: TransCanada Can't Change the Facts About Keystone XL 02/09/15

TransCanada on Wednesday announced they would be entering the oil-by-rail business to help further their tar sands investments...read